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Nationale Woongarantie helps homebuyers to live carefree. Those who sell their house with Nationale Woongarantie do so faster and at a better price. Homebuyers have more certainty with Nationale Woongarantie that they can continue to live in their dream home, even in times of adversity.

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The latest news

Nationale Woongarantie launches in Helmond and surrounding areas

12 december 2023
Homebuyers and sellers in Helmond and its surrounding areas can now avail themselves of the benefits offered by Nationale Woongarantie. The Nationale Woongarantie aims to enhance the social and financial security of the housing market, starting its rollout in Helmond and its neighboring regions.

Nationale Woongarantie provides homebuyers with certainty amid rising number of involuntary layoffs

29 september 2023
The increasing number of bankruptcies, with associated layoffs, casts a shadow over the already difficult housing market. However, the recently launched Nationale Woongarantie (NWG) offers a solution and provides homebuyers with more certainty that they can continue to pay their housing costs even in the event of involuntary unemployment.

This is Nationale Woongarantie

Nationale Woongarantie is an initiative to make the housing market safer and more social. In a rapidly changing society, fortunes and misfortunes can occur at a high pace. With Nationale Woongarantie, buyers have the assurance that, even in times of adversity, they can continue to live in their dream home.