Nationale Woongarantie gives buyers more security and confidence

Nationale Woongarantie gives home buyers more certainty that they will be able to pay their housing costs even in difficult economic times. 

Nationale Woongarantie is an initiative to make the housing market safer and more social. In an increasingly fast-changing society, ups and downs can follow each other in quick succession. With the Nationale Woongarantie, buyers have more certainty that they can continue to live in their dream home even in the face of adversity.

Nationale Woongarantie in practice

If you buy a house with Nationale Woongarantie, you can be sure that you will be able to continue making mortgage payments in the event of involuntary unemployment. If the buyer’s (joint) income falls by more than 15% in the first four years after the purchase of the house, Nationale Woongarantie will pay 50% of the gross mortgage payments (interest and repayment) for a maximum of 24 months, with a maximum compensation of € 4000,- per month.

Thus, the Nationale Woongarantie gives the buyer peace of mind and security.

Nationale Woongarantie is taken out by the seller of the house. The seller attaches Nationale Woongarantie to the house. This makes the house more attractive to potential buyers. The seller pays a one-off premium of 0,85% of the selling price of the house. The seller pays this one-off premium when the house is notarised. Therefore, the seller does not need any pre-financing. The buyer can claim the guarantee after the purchase of the house.

The benefits of Nationale Woongarantie for you as an advisor:

More comprehensive advice with NWG

The benefits of Nationale Woongarantie are clear and free of charge to the homebuyer. By including Nationale Woongarantie in your consultation, you are pointing out the possibilities for carefree living in their new home.

Happier customers with NWG

With Nationale Woongarantie, your customer has more peace of mind and more security. By advising them to view a home with Nationale Woongarantie, you will give them a better experience and they will rate your advice higher.

Standing out from the crowd

The Nationale Woongarantie is becoming a household name in the Netherlands, but not yet. By making your clients aware of the Nationale Woongarantie, you can stand out as an adviser and benefit from the advantages that the Nationale Woongarantie offers your clients.

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The benefits for the buyer

  • Carefree living thanks to the cost-free Nationale Woongarantie

  • A four-year guarantee on housing expenses in the event of involuntary unemployment

  • A net benefit equivalent to 50% of the gross mortgage expenses (interest and repayment) in times of adversity

  • Continued residence in the property, even in times of adversity

The benefits for the seller

  • A more attractive home for potential buyers

  • The house stands out from similar properties in the housing market

  • Faster sale

  • The seller only needs to pay the one-time premium once they receive the purchase price of the house

  • The seller provides the buyer with more assurance

Frequently asked questions about Nationale Woongarantie

What are the benefits of the NWG for estate agents?

By including National Woongarantie in your advice, you will be pointing out to your clients the possibilities for carefree living in their new home. This makes for better advice and a happier customer.

What is the difference between NWG and NHG?

Nationale Woongarantie reimburses 50% of housing costs if the owner of a house becomes unemployed. The Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG) does not, but pays the residual debt if the owner is forced to sell the house. The NWG prevents that fate and is therefore a sensible and welcome addition to the NHG.

What is the role of the advisor?

The advisor informs the client about the possibilities of the Nationale Woongarantie. If the client then decides to buy a house with the Nationale Woongarantie, he or she will receive the benefits free of charge.

This is Nationale Woongarantie

Nationale Woongarantie is an initiative to make the housing market safer and more social. In a rapidly changing society, fortunes and misfortunes can occur at a high pace. With Nationale Woongarantie, buyers have the assurance that, even in times of adversity, they can continue to live in their dream home.