Nationale Woongarantie launches in Helmond and surrounding areas

Homebuyers and sellers in Helmond and its surrounding areas can now avail themselves of the benefits offered by Nationale Woongarantie. The Nationale Woongarantie aims to enhance the social and financial security of the housing market, starting its rollout in Helmond and its neighboring regions.

The introduction of the Nationale Woongarantie in Helmond is a pioneering initiative in the country. Our goal is to expand the reach of the Nationale Woongarantie to the rest of the Netherlands as soon as possible.

Home to the initiator

The selection of Helmond as the launch location is not by chance. Sylvain Liebau, the initiator of Nationale Woongarantie and a former insurance broker in the region, intentionally chose Helmond for the inaugural launch. Liebau expressed his delight, stating, “I am thrilled to launch Nationale Woongarantie in my beloved hometown and to extend our services to the entire Netherlands from here.”

Collaboration with Broeckx Makelaars

In collaboration with Broeckx Makelaars, homeowners selling their houses through this agency can opt for Nationale Woongarantie until December 31, regardless of how long the property has been on the market. For those selling through other estate agents, Nationale Woongarantie must be acquired at within three weeks of registering with Funda.

Timely introduction

The introduction of Nationale Woongarantie comes at a crucial moment. With an increasing number of companies resorting to staff reductions, this initiative provides homeowners with the assurance that, in the event of unexpected job loss, they can continue meeting their mortgage obligations and secure their homes.

Explore the advantages of Nationale Woongarantie for both buyers and sellers.

Photographer: Vincent Knoops

Nationale Woongarantie provides homebuyers with certainty amid rising number of involuntary layoffs

The increasing number of bankruptcies, with associated layoffs, paints a bleak picture for the Dutch economy. By August, more businesses had filed for bankruptcy than in all of 2022, and according to BNR, the Netherlands is facing an “alarming number of bankruptcies.” This trend casts a shadow over the already difficult housing market. However, the recently launched Nationale Woongarantie (NWG) offers a solution, providing homebuyers with more certainty that they can continue to pay their housing costs even in the event of involuntary unemployment.

More certainty for the buyer

Anyone who buys a home with the Nationale Woongarantie and loses more than 15% of their income due to involuntary unemployment in the first four years after purchasing the home will receive a payout from the Nationale Woongarantie equal to 50% of their gross mortgage payments, with a maximum of €4,000 per month. This means, for example, that someone with a monthly mortgage of €1,200 would receive a payout of €600 per month from the NWG.

Sold by the seller

What makes the Nationale Woongarantie unique is that it is completely free for the buyer. It is the seller of the home who purchases the Nationale Woongarantie, as an add-on to the property. The buyer can then benefit from this guarantee at no cost and claim their guarantee certificate after purchase. For the seller, the Nationale Woongarantie is attractive because it makes the home more attractive and helps the seller sell it more quickly.

A safer housing market

The Nationale Woongarantie was created to make the housing market safer and more social, especially in these unpredictable times when good times and bad times can quickly alternate. 

This is Nationale Woongarantie

Nationale Woongarantie is an initiative to make the housing market safer and more social. In a rapidly changing society, fortunes and misfortunes can occur at a high pace. With Nationale Woongarantie, buyers have the assurance that, even in times of adversity, they can continue to live in their dream home.